I find inspirational quotes and sayings often serve as a poignant reminder and each week I will be sharing something that has resonated with me.  For those unfamiliar with the term, a mantra is a word, phrase or sound repeated to aid concentration during meditation.  I will sometimes suggest mantras for use during meditation but this week, I found this statement and it really spoke to me.

I recently left a career in the British military and, while I have a whole load of ambitions and ideas, I haven’t yet found a new job that really excites me.  I thought I had come close a couple of weeks ago but that opportunity hasn’t worked out as I expected. This was obviously a bit of a blow to my confidence but I am trying to remind myself that I need to have trust in myself.  I took a leap of faith and I believe that it will work out.  So whenever I feel that wave of fear and doubt creeping over me, I just try to breathe, let it go and enjoy the ride!

So let me know where you get inspiration from when life is testing you.